Privacy Policy

Our main priority is providing appropriate and strong protection for your personal information and privacy. The privacy policies are incredibly important for ensuring that your personal data is regulated properly. The information in question might include your physical and e-mail addresses, full name, the date of birth, telephone number, occupation, and so on. The policy covers all the information collected during the usage of our website and other services.

In some instances, we will have to request your personal data ourselves. Usually, it is obligatory to provide such data to participate in a competition, promotion, or sweepstake. Certain services available on our website and the sites of our partners might also involve your personal information. It means your IP address and cookies can be requested. All this data is used in accordance with your requests and our policies.

We offer services only for users above the age of 18. Each visitor younger than this age is not allowed to use our services and participate in any events held or promoted on the website.

Your personal data will not be transferred to any third-party company without your consent. Only with your personal request, such data can be distributed.

Cookies related to the services that we provide can be used on your device. All other businesses and platforms advertised on our website have their specific cookie policies that differ from ours. They cannot influence our cookie policies just as we are not related to their cookies.

In case you receive any kind of informational letters or promotions from our website, you have the ability to unsubscribe from the mailing list. You will find all the necessary instructions in the mail. After that, you will not receive any new letters from our site. However, in case you have been subscribed to any of our partners as well, you will need to unsubscribe from them separately.

All the personal data provided by you will be utilized only if it is necessary for one of our services or specifically requested by yourself. We use the latest protection methods to ensure maximum safety for your personal information. We always make sure to keep your data secure and protected from hacking or leaking. In the event of adopting changes to any of the policies that might affect you as a user of the site, you will be immediately notified through the channels of information provided by you.